The 2018 Volkswagen Arteon: With Innovative Style Comes More Innovative Safety

May 11th, 2017 by

Demanding just one more look. The new Arteon. #vwarteon #volkswagen #vw

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Modern Volkswagen models come with a variety of safety technologies, such as Park Assist (helping you steer a car into a parking spot), Side Assist (to keep you aware of cars and objects in your blind spot, and help you avoid them), and others. But it’s the new Emergency Assist 2.0 function on the forthcoming 2018 Arteon that really has our attention. Its designed to keep its driver safe if they black out behind the wheel.

Emergency Assist monitors your steering wheel, brake, and throttle inputs, and if it notices a lack of them, it will alert you with sound and visual cues—as well as a brake tap—to try to rouse an unconscious motorist. If this proves ineffective, the car will automatically engage its hazard lights, while the Park, Side, and Lane Assist features will work together to steer you gently to the roadside and bring the car to a stop. Adaptive Cruise Control—a semi-autonomous driving function—will make sure the vehicle doesn’t hit any other cars during this maneuver.

We hope to see this system employed on numerous other new Volkswagen models in the future! To see what our lineup currently offers, drop us a line at our Butler, PA showroom to learn more.

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