Take a Super-Early Look at What the Volkswagen Arteon is Like to Drive

March 31st, 2017 by

It’s difficult to miss our excitement for the Volkswagen Arteon, which is set to arrive about a year from now. Unveiled in Geneva this month, this midsize hatchback-sedan-coupe hybrid offers a more upscale and performance-driven experience than the Passat without stepping on its toes. Or so Car and Driver told us in a recent first drive review.

The tester used by C&D was an early prototype, meaning that some of the details and kinks are yet to be worked out. With this in mind, the reviewers set about seeing what the new Arteon was made of on South African roads. The take away was quite impressive: the steering feel was described as calming, and there was plenty of horsepower to play with. While they weren’t given details on the engine, their take away was that it was a fine evolution over the CC it replaces, and it’s bound to find fans.

We’re fans already, but we’re also a wee bit biased. Luckily though, that knowledge helps us find great vehicles for drivers like you! If you want to see what German engineering feels like to drive or own, contact our Volkswagen dealership in Butler, PA to get your questions answered.

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